HC Andersen Marathon



Denmark's Fairytale Marathon

½ Marathon and "Run the last 10"

27 September 2020




The fifth biggest Marathon in Scandinavia



A fairy-tale marathon for everyone
H.C. Andersen Marathon invites both debutants and experienced runners to an unforgettable day.
A marathon route that is ideal for both debutants and runners looking to beat their personal best. It sounds like a fairytale and it almost is. HCA Marathon in Odense, which is named after the city’s famous fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen, is more than just a race. The route resembles the scenery from some of his fairy tales; there are characters from his stories on each kilometre sign, so you might even spot him cheering for you on the route.
The tales of Hans Christian Andersen often worked on different levels and the same can actually be said about the HCA Marathon, as the race have different distances that suit everyone.
“Many people come here to run the marathon route, but we also have a lot of runners who come for the half-marathon or just to run the last ten kilometres of the route. It gives families and running clubs with different levels the option to participate on the same day, because they can just choose the distance they are comfortable with,” says race director Torben Simonsen.
The half marathon and marathon will begin and end at Odense Idrætspark, while the ten-kilometre race starts at the city hall and ends at Odense Idrætspark alongside the others. 
“The route is very well thought-through as you run in the shape of a four-leaf clover, which means that you run towards the centre of the city on a couple occasions, giving families and friends several chances to cheer for you,” Simonsen explains.
HCA Marathon is collaborating with the city’s hotels, so if you are travelling from abroad to participate in the run you can get a good deal for your stay in Odense.