HC Andersen Marathon

Start/finish, Sport Expo
and number pick-up

Odense Idrætspark, Israels Plads 3, 5200 Odense V 


Baggage bags
You can store the handed baggage bag on the race day from 8 AM in Odense Idrætspark at Baggage Storage in Hall 2. Do not let your bag lie unsupervised. Remember to mark your bag with your bibnumber - this will be possible at the Baggage Storage.


Bib number
You can pick up your bib number at the Expo at Odense Idrætspark. You can find your bib number at the participant list here.


Changing room facilities / Shower
Is possible at Odense Idrætspark.


Change of distance
Is possible by sending an email to info@hcamarathon.dk until September 20. Hereafter you can chance distance at the expo. 


Diploma and result magazine
Diploma and result can be downloaded here.


At Odense Idrætspark entrance will be free of charge for the audience. The exhibitors are importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other firms, which relate to the world of sport including travel agencies. Open hours are Friday 2pm-6pm, Saturday 10am-4,30pm and Sunday from 8.00am-4pm.


At the finishing line, you will receive your medal. Please leave the area in the direction of the fluid replacement station.


Finish depot
Aqua, Faxe Kondi, apple, Danone and Non-alcoholic Beer.


Fluid Replacement stations
The stations are located at intervals of 5K in the following order: Self provisions, energy liquid - in colored cups, Aqua - in white cups and Bananas. Moreover, there is fluid depots at K 2.5-7.5-12.5-17.5 and so on.


At the course, there will be samarits on bikes and in the finish area you will find doctors. If you want to drop out of the race, you must contact the nearest fluid replacement station, where you will get a lift to the finishing line.


Livestreaming and livetracking
During the race day livestreaming and livetracking will be possible from www.hcamarathon.com


Physiotherapist stand ready to loosen the used muscles in Hall 2 at Odense Idrætspark.


Maximum time
The route will be without traffic from 10am until 4pm.


If you want to be paced, please follow the pacers: 

Marathon pacers (blue)

½ Marathon pacers (green)

Parking (free)
There is free official parking at Provstegårdsskolen (school) Middelfartvej 180. Around the exhibition area you will find limited parking space. Please note, that it is not allowed to park on Højstrupvej and Stadionvej.


Prizes Marathon

Prize money for winning time under 2.10.37: DKK 10.000

Prize money for female winning time under 2.30.48: DKK 10.000


Prizes ½ Marathon

Prize money for winning time under 1.06.24: DKK 1.000

Prize money for female winning time under 1.14.26: DKK 1.000


Self nutrition 
Must be handed in at Odense Idrætspark in the number pick-up from Saturday 2pm-6pm and Sunday 8.00am – 8.30am in the put up boxes. The nutrition will be brought out to the depots on the route, and will be on the first tables at all the depots. Both Marathon and ½ Marathon have this opportunity.


Start/finish, Sport Expo and number pick-up
In Odense Idrætspark, Israels Plads 3, 5200 Odense V. 


Timekeeping is by chip as part of your bibnumber. No startnumber, no time. Please stay on the marked route as registration of time is only possible when passing the mats placed at various points.


Short after every station toilets are available and also at Odense Idrætspark and start-finish area.


Tram (Odense Letbane)
You can buy a ticket and take the tram from Odense Railway Station to Odense Idrætspark. Have a look at Odenseletbane.dk/billetter